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"50 Shades of Reyna"   is in loving memory of Sam Christensen who taught me it's okay to be myself and to embrace the seasonings of life, and in honor of Ken Cortland who taught me life's most valuable lesson - always follow my heart.  My eternal love and gratitude.

I miss you Sam. 

1. Pretty in a Chanel suite and chiffon scarf

2. The Confidence Maze

3. They never know I've stolen the scene until the curtain call

4. Charm at a Simmer

5. Mrs. Potato Head

6. The allure or that which is not immediately alluring

7. Hasn't this been fun, we must do it again

8. Mom makes you a hot breakfast every single morning

9.  What would champagne be without the fizzing bubbles?  Wine, it would merely be wine...

10. You can follow advice, you can follow your best plan, you can follow the rules and you can even follow others. But in the end you can't really follow anything but your heart

11. Playing hooky to watch old movies all day

12. Blooming confidence of a beautiful dreamer

13. Note to self - I may have too many notes to myself

14. Gigglepuss -- gigglepuss, gigglepuss, gigglepuss

15. It's all Blah, blah, blah until you get to the amazing part

16. My blood went cold and I did what had to be done

17. Beautifully honest like moonlight on seaside pebbles

18. Sheer ruffled curtains blowing in the wind

19. If you see me, I'm beautiful

20. The house cat stares out the window 

21. Nervous and excited school girl on the first day

22. Fresh Cinnamon toast

23. So down to earth my heels drag in the mud

 24. Well I do have this French Maid's outfit in the closet if that's what you mean by, "more comfortable"

25. Just trying not to build my sand castle too near the surf

26. The intricate details of the truly delicate

27. The soccer mom is not wearing any panties

28. Woke up smiling, went to bed with a song in my heart

33. A little grumpy some days, so just be aware

30. Curly telephone cord and flower wallpaper

31. You can't really mean that

32. Strive for excellence and settle for nothing less

29. I don't obey the rules, I agree to them

34. Another day of sunshine

35. When Mom gets tired, she delights in her collection of vintage hats

36. "Overly sensitive"- exactly how do you mean that?

37. The best aunt in the world models true passion for life

38. Lost in the clouds

39. No matter how thick a coat I wear, the wind still cuts right through me

40. Queen for a day just wants to be Queen for a lifetime

41. Charming cat burglar and secret keeper

42. Sweeter than a candy filled pinata that's been a little whacked

43. Good turtle on vacation

44. I am tough girl, is that right?

45. An unexpected glimpse of red shoes on a luggage carousel

46. Coffee Carbonated

47. Ok hang on-I'm currently organizing a lot of contradictory yet simultaneous feelings

48. The canary laughed at the parrot

49. Bloomers in the bathroom

50. The wonder of Wonder Bread

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